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Friday, April 4, 2014

Sharing Beauty and Inspiration Worldwide. A Somerset Life Article.

For reasons I already wrote here and there during my ramblings, and I may want to told you about again in my posts in the future, I don't submit to magazines any more.
When a magazine knocks at my door, and the feature they are interested in is aligned to my calling in this life, I'm glad to say yes! Otherwise I gladly leave room for others to grow.

This article means a lot to me, it's the most inspired I've written so far (actually I had no idea what to write, but the right words materialized themselves on the pages), because it's the first one I write from a new frame of mind. The new issue of the magazine is out, so I can share it with you here now.

Many heartefelt thanks to Christen Olivarez and all of the team at Somerset Life (this magazine has, and will always have, such a dear spot in my heart. It's always such a pleasure to contribute to it) not only for these gorgeous pages, but for they have believed in me since the very beginning! I have tears in my eyes just writing this.
A very, very special thanks to former Somerset Life Editor Jennifer Taylor who put it together, choosing the "just perfect" pictures to share a bit more of my heart and soul.

... Enjoy!

Monica xo


  1. It looks so so so beautiful Monica, I must see if I can find a copy here. I hope you are well and enjoying the spring sunshine. Love, Catherine xxx

  2. I read your article and am always inspired by your journey, I'm sad to hear that you won't be in Somerset Life anymore, I know you will be missed there, but I think it's wonderful that you want to give room for others to grow and that you are on a different part of your journey now. The article was wonderful and thanks for everything you share here :)

  3. Hi Monica,
    What a lovely article. Whenever I read your beautiful words and look at what you create, the word truth comes to me. I had picked up that issue and was reading your article and didn't realize that it was you until I saw the blog name. I felt so blessed to be following your blog and experiencing the lovely things that you share. You ARE an inspiration. How kind of you to leave room for others to grow. Thank you for sharing.

    A happy, peaceful weekend to you, :)

  4. Just lovely, Monica.

  5. Life is "Beauty" when you create enthusiastically.
    E' un onore seguirti, Monica!
    A happy Sunday,


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